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Create meal plans that save you money, time and leftovers!

What is it?

Forkful is a meal plan generator that uses artificial intelligence techniques to generate tasty and varied meal plans that match your preferences, whilst trying to minimise food waste.

Forkful solves:

  • ‘The omelette problem’: Given a set of leftover ingredients that include eggs, don’t recommend the user just cooks an omelette. Forkful understands that variety is important for a balanced diet and exciting food.
  • The packaging problem: Don’t tell me to buy half a cauliflower. Forkful understands how supermarkets package their food and makes sure you don’t waste half a punnet of tomatoes.
  • The money problem: Recipe boxes send you all the right ingredients, and a variety of recipes, but they charge you for the privilege. Forkful helps make your ordinary supermarket shop cheaper by maximising the amount of food you can cook from what you buy.

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