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Record voice memos and Rememo will summarise them into bite-sized nuggets of information.

Capture and summarise your ideas on the go.

Rememo is our latest Friday Kicks experiment that captures and summarises uses voice memos in a flash!

It combines the latest and greatest large language models and speech-to-text machine learning technologies to create summarised bullet points from users' voice memos. It aims to make it easier for people to process and recall important information from personal thoughts they've captured on the move on their phones.

Rememo uses the Open AI whisper model to turn the speech-to-text, prompting OpenAI’s chat GPT for a title and summary bullet points. The user can then view this summary and replay the memo via the mobile-first web interface.

As well as the latest and greatest generative AI, the tool is also powered by Ruby on Rails, Next.js, React, and Tailwind. Try it for free now by following the link below!

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