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A lit reminder of the people in your world.

What is Stately?

Stately keeps you in touch with friends, family and colleagues who are far away. It’s a physical button that sits on your desk at home or at work and represents your presence: when it’s green you’re present, when it’s pulsing you’re going away.

Stately shows your presence to your friends, and it shows their presence to you. Around the edge of the Stately button is a ring of lights – each light representing one of your friends. When the light is green, your friend is present. When it’s dark, they’ve gone away.

It’s a small but powerful reminder of the people in your world.

How does it work?

To tell Stately you’re present, simply shake the Stately button from side to side. To tell Stately you’re away, just press the button. After a certain time of no activity, Stately will change your presence to away, so if you go to lunch or finish work for the day, after a while your friends will see you’ve left your desk.

What about privacy?

You are in complete control of who sees your presence. Only your friends can see your presence. You can add and remove friends via the Stately app.

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