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Make Agile estimation easier!

What is Velocitaire?

Velocitaire helps you estimate how long a project will take by playing the Velocity Game with you.

What’s the Velocity Game?

It’s a technique Agile teams can use to estimate their velocity when they don’t have any historical iteration data, e.g. you’re starting a new project or using a new tech stack. One person acts as mediator, and they hide the points for each story and randomly select stories and ask the team if they think they can achieve it in one iteration alongside all the other stories they’ve already picked. When the team consistently says no, the sum of story points is (secretly) noted down and the process starts again. Once the iteration sizes stabilise, the process ends and the team has their estimated velocity!

How does Velocitaire work?

Velocitaire acts as your mediator. You upload a set of stories and their points as an Excel spreadsheet and then work through rounds deciding how much you can fit in each round.

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