Capable Health

The challenge

Capable Health provides the digital infrastructure for US healthcare innovators. Service providers of all sizes trust Capable's API-first platform to launch, grow and manage their HIPAA-compliant digital healthcare solutions. They empower developer and product teams to build healthcare apps centred around the patient — with less code, money, and time.

We engaged Capable Health early in their journey to help them design and architect their API in a way that would provide them with the flexibility necessary to build a modular infrastructure product that could meet the different healthcare provider needs their market research identified.

They now needed help building a feature-rich web app that would showcase what's possible with their platform and let prospective customers experience first-hand how easy it is to create an engaging patient experience while providing the back office functionality required to run an efficient service.

The solution

Working closely with Capable's engineering, design and customer success teams, we built a reference implementation of what's possible with Capable's infrastructure. The app includes features for appointments & scheduling, chat, video consultations, and questionnaires & surveys.

At Pixie Labs, we only reinvent the wheel if there's a clear and compelling reason to, so using a platform like Capable Health to provide much of the infrastructure required to build exceptional digital experiences for patients and staff makes a lot of sense.

We were able to build and launch functionality that would typically take six-plus months in six weeks.

If you're in the UK and are looking for a similar speed-up, check out Healthcare businesses of all sizes, from individual clinicians to large enterprises, use Semble's software and APIs to manage every aspect of their practice.

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