Whether you’re thinking of building a mobile app, web platform, tool or other digital product. We can help you design, build, launch and scale a solution that your users will love.

What can you expect?

From post-its to product. We can accelerate you at any stage of your journey. From validating your opportunity and designing the best solution to choosing the right technology stack. We have expertise at every stage of the digital product development process.

Whether you’re thinking of building a mobile app, web platform, tool or other digital product, we’ll help you navigate all the decisions you need to make along the way to design, build and launch a digital product that delivers real value for your business and customers from day one.

Creating a successful digital product is not a linear process and launching a product is only the first step. Once we have helped you build and launch your product we can also help you collect feedback, measure impact and improve it.

The Pixie Labs' way of working is collaborative, so expect to be on planning calls and stand-ups. You’ll be front and centre as we bring your idea to life and contribute every step of the way. Working side-by-side with you, your customers and subject matter experts we'll help you create human-centred digital products that improve how people live, work and do business.

Product strategy

Successful products are built on a clear vision and a strong strategy to achieve that vision.

We'll help you set the right goals and map the journey to reach them.

Product design

Successful products are designed to solve real-world problems for both your users and your business.

We'll help you design products that measurably impact and delight.

Product engineering

Successful products are built on a solid foundation using the best-in-class toolset.

We will help you leverage technology to accelerate you towards your goals.

We work with small and big companies

Startups, Scale-ups and Enterprises. We work in an outcome-based, customer-centric manner that means we can adapt our processes for companies of all sizes.

How we work...

Your product advisors

Have your own brilliant product and technology team but need that extra edge or an outside perspective? We can infuse our specialized skills into a specific project - from product vision and strategy, roadmap and UX/UI development to a little bit of technical support, we've got you.

Your product experts

In need of a a full product team? We're ready to step in at any point and be involved in every step. Delivering strategy, design, development, and ongoing support for your digital product/s.

Your product support

Have in-house expertise which is lacking in some areas? We can supplement your existing product team, lending our expertise to a single project or on an ongoing basis. Our engineering team are specialists in Ruby on Rails, React and React Native

Design process flow diagram

Let's get to know each other.

Let’s discuss your goals and challenges over a quick email or call. Don't worry - it's not an interview! we'll tell you all about Pixie Labs too.