We can help at any stage of your journey. From validating your opportunity and designing the best solution to choosing the right technology stack. We’ll then help you build your solution, measure its impact and improve it.

Whether you’re thinking of building a mobile app, web platform, tool or other digital product, we’ll help you navigate all the decisions you need to make along the way to design, build and launch a solution that delivers tangible results for your business and customers from day one.

The Pixie Labs' way of working is collaborative, so expect to be on planning calls and stand-ups.

You’ll have a front-row view of how we bring your idea to life and contribute every step of the way. We may be the experts when it comes to developing digital products, but you’re the expert when it comes to your business and customers.

Strategy & Discovery

Define how technology supports your business goals and design the right solution.

First, we will help you assess and define how technology will support your business goals. We’ll then work with you, using user-centred design, to design a solution that makes the biggest and most meaningful impact on your customers and business.

Build & Launch

Iteratively build your solution, testing as you go to make a meaningful impact on launch.

Using Agile software development, we’ll work in short iterations to build and test a lean solution, using modern web and mobile frameworks, that delivers maximum value to your business and customers in the shortest amount of time. We’ll prioritise real-world feedback and adjust our course as we learn.


Use analytics and customer insights to improve and scale your solution.

After launch, we’ll help you understand how well your solution meets its users’ needs and where the most valuable opportunities are for improvements. Helping you make the changes necessary to allow you to accelerate towards your business goals.

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